Q: Is there a mechanic on duty?

      A: Unfortunately we do not have a mechanic in the shop, it is up to you to determine beforehand if you are starting            a job that you can handle on your own. 

Q: If I don't use all of my hours each month, do they roll over?

     A: No, in an effort to create equal lift availability for everyone, hours will be on a use them or lose them basis. 

Q: Is my membership transferable to someone else?

     A: No, memberships are valid only for the original user. 

Q: Can I use the tire machine to mount my own tires?

     A: The tire machine is to be used by a Redwood Customs employee only. However, when you buy your tires                   through us, tire mounting is done for free.

Q: What am I allowed to work on in the shop?

     A: We welcome all things two wheeled. Trikes, quads, side-x-sides, etc. are not permitted

Q: Can I bring my friends to work on their bikes?

     A: You are permitted to work on other people's motorcycles. However, if the other person wants to do any work               they will be subject to our daily shop fee.

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